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What is B2B and why Businessman needs b2bclick.in

What is B2B and why Businessman needs b2bclick.in

What is “B2b”?

Business to Business (B2b) is the recently evolved medium to expand business. It creates a platform where buyer and sellers come across for the purpose of business. The business as such has achieved a new dimension with b2b. Nowadays, throughout the country, b2b shows, b2b exhibitions, b2b conferences, b2b platforms, b2b portals are becoming popular.

The most popular amongst the b2bs are b2b portals which are online. Since, every decision maker be it buyer or seller has to got to be online for at least 2-3 hours every day for carrying out their business dealing. Whereas, any decision maker cannot give such much time for reading newspaper, magazines, and yellow pages or to watch TV.

In other words, it is not wrong to say that the business is not only connected through internet but also internet results more b2b amongst various business communities and countries of the world.

What is a b2bclick.in portal?

B2bclick.in develop and run by WebExperts InfoTech LLP, India and the portals are not only useful for generation of leads for expanding business but it is the most economical and fastest medium for brand creation, manage and operate a business website, recognition and its establishment.

b2bclick.in portal consists of lakhs of registered members who are looking for business. Either they register themselves to buy a product or to sell their product. More than 1500 product and services categories, Buyer buying leads and seller offer to make the b2bclick.in a unique and fast growing platform to make a seller and buyer easy to do business. 

It makes the business cycle very fast as every finest detail of registered members including their product is displayed for 24 hours X 365 days. Any person from any part of the world can access such information via internet and can contact at their ease.

It also curtails the travelling and makes the reach of buyers and sellers more expeditious .Since with b2bclick.in portal the saying that the entire world is for business becomes true.

b2bclick.in is not only helpful for generating more business in India but it also promotes exports by way of branding throughout the world including India.

Whether a Businessman requires B2b Portal in India?

Perhaps the answer lies in some well known facts and they are:
India is at 4rth position in terms of internet usage (source www.internetworldstats.com as on 30th June 2012 ) with 137,000,000 users.

Lakhs of domain names are booked on daily basis through out the world and thousands of website is being launched on every day basis.

The internet users are increasing on every day basis. In growth of internet users per year, US of course is no.1 in world as it observed 70% increase in internet usage in last one year.

Now, going by such simple facts when lakhs of website are being launched and numbers of internet users are increasing on every day basis, the race to dominate in internet has also increased. There comes the specialization in internet dominance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

B2b portal acts as having a shop in a mall rather than having an individual shop in a place which attracts very less traffic than a mall. Since, mall attracts most traffic and this is the chemistry of a b2b portal .So the question will have obvious answer is  yes that a b2b portal can bring a drastic difference in business of Indian companies, SME’s , SSI MSME’s etc especially when entire world is connected to internet for business.

What is the benefit for manufacturer to use b2bclick.in?

An Indian manufacturer who want to promote their product to Indian or overseas market, brand making, Increase the sale and profit, b2bclick.in is the right place for him. As the internet is a most important part of all human for search a product or services from internet and want to collect all the information and compare the product or services such as.


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